Cessna “850” Amphibious Caravan   
Capacity- 9 passengers/2000 LBS on floats or 3000 LBS on wheels
Horsepower- 850 HP Jet-Prop
Speed- 200 MPH
Configuration- IFR Day or Night Certified
Summer - Amphibious
Winter - Wheels
Rate- $1,600 per hour

Our Cessna 850 Caravan Amphibian can transport 9 passengers & gear or 2000 lbs of freight at 200 MPH to locations throughout Alaska from land or water, day or night. We are FAA certified to fly the Caravan IFR  (in and above clouds) which provides passengers with safe, reliable flights to and from destinations that are normally inaccessible during times of adverse weather conditions. If you’re looking for one of the most versatile aircraft available in Alaska, this is it.  

Cessna “950” Grand Caravan   
Capacity- 9 passengers/3500 LBS
Horsepower- 950 HP Jet-Prop
Speed- 200 MPH
Configuration- Wheels
IFR Day or Night Certified
Rate- $1,600 per hour

Reliable, efficient aircraft - When loaded with nine passengers both Caravans produce a per passenger flight mile cost of only $.77 per mile, one of the lowest flight mile costs in the industry. Additionally, both Caravans operate safely in IFR and night conditions by participating in the FAA’s “Capstone” program which uses a navigation system known as Synthetic Flight Vision Technology. This modern technology replaces conventional “steam gauge” instruments which has been the industry standard since instrument flying was first introduced in the early 1930’s. Using this advanced technology developed by Chelton Flight Systems we are able to take advantage of special Capstone low level routes with lower instrument approach minimums that which are unavailable to non Capstone participating operators. Island Air Express is one of only three commercial operations in Alaska authorized to use the Capstone Southeast IFR system.

Cessna 206 Stationair   
Capacity- 3 passengers/600 LBS of cargo
Horsepower- 300 HP
Speed- 125 MPH
Configuration- Amphibious
Rates- $500 per hour

Our Cessna 206 Amphib can transport 3 passengers & gear or 600 lbs of freight at 125 MPH to locations throughout Alaska.  The 206 also has the Chelton “Synthetic Flight Vision” system onboard providing exceptional safety, situational awareness, and traffic alerts during flight. This aircraft is a perfect option when your air travel needs require something a bit smaller than a Caravan.

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Services OverviewProviding reliable scheduled service in modern IFR equipped aircraft.

Island Air Express operates Cessna 208 and Cessna 206 aircraft throughout Southeast Alaska - primarily operating from Craig, Klawock, and Ketchikan area.


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