Island Air Express - Alaska Passenger Policies

Check-in for all flights is 45 minutes prior to departure time

Please reconfirm travel at least 24 hours in advance; passengers not checked in 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure may be denied boarding without compensation (except for Flex Fares) by Island Air Express. All flights subject to change without notice. Tickets are non-refundable (except for Flex Fares) but ARE transferable and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Passengers that fail to check in for a flight without notifying Island Air at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure time will no longer be able to use that portion of the ticket (except for Flex Fares) towards any Island Air flights.


General:  No person shall be entitled to transportation except upon presentation of a valid ticket or present a valid confirmation number that can be verified in our reservation system.  Such ticket shall entitle the passenger to transportation only between points of origin and destination and via the routing designated thereon.

A ticket that has been altered, mutilated or improperly issued, shall not be valid unless it can be verified as a valid ticket in our reservation system.
All tickets are transferable and valid for one year from date of purchase of the original ticket.

Tickets may be purchased with a credit card, cash is not accepted.

Standard Fare tickets are non-refundable and may be subject to change fees and loss of fare if passenger no-show's for their scheduled flight.

Flex Fare tickets are fully refundable up to one year from date of purchase and are NOT subject to change fees or loss of fare if passenger no-show's for their scheduled flight.

All passenger fares are, one-way, include all required taxes & fees, subject to round-trip flight selection.


Confirmation of Reserved Space: A reservation for space on a given flight is valid when the availability and allocation of such space is confirmed by an Island Air Express agent or confirmed online through our online reservations system.

Standbys and Waitlists:  Standby is permitted for any scheduled flight.  Unless otherwise noted wait listing of all passengers will be permitted and listed in the order in which the request is received.

Standard Fare Reservation Changes: Cancellations or changes may be made up to 12 hours prior to your departure time without any service fee. If the request is not made at least 12 hours prior to departure, a $25 fee may be charged. Passengers that fail to check in for a flight without notifying Island Air at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure time will no longer be able to use that portion of the ticket towards other Island Air flights. Please note that failure to check-in for, or cancel, a confirmed reservation will also result in the cancellation of any remaining flights. This is based on the logic that if you did not fly on one leg of your trip, you can't be in the departure city of your next leg. If you decide to change your travel plans, please let us know so we can protect your reservation.

Flex Fare Reservation Changes:  Flex Fare tickets are fully refundable up to one year from date of purchase and are NOT subject to change fees or loss of fare if passenger no-show's for their scheduled flight.

Tickets:  Web Special tickets are available only on a very limited basis, and are only available for new reservations only.  Fares are non-refundable and subject to a $25 change fee for any voluntary changes prior to departure.  No show forfeits all value of the ticket.   Web Specials are also not available for any additional discounts and are non-commissionable to travel agents.

Reservations: Web Special tickets are highly restrictive and do not allow for refunds.  Any changes made after 24 hours from time of booking are subject to a $25 change fee and any difference in airfare.  Web Specials are valid only for new reservations.   Failure to check-in will result in a no-show.  No discounts are offered on the Web Specials.   Web Specials must be booked online at  
Seats may be limited and not available on all flights.

Cancellation of Reservations:  Island Air Express may cancel reservations of any passenger when necessary to comply with any governmental regulations or request for emergency transportation, or when necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond Island Air Express’ control.

Acceptance of Children

Accompanied children less than 12 years old are accepted for transportation when accompanied on the same flight by a passenger at least 15 years old.  Island Air Express has the right but is not obligated to require identification of the responsible party meeting the child at a transfer point of final destination.  Island Air Express does not assume any financial or guardianship responsibilities for unaccompanied children beyond those applicable to an adult passenger.

Unaccompanied children:

Children under 5 years old are not accepted under any conditions.

Children 5 – 14 years old must be brought to the airport of departure by a parent or responsible adult who remains with the child until enplaned and the aircraft departs; the parent or adult must furnish with satisfactory evidence that the child will be met by another parent or responsible adult upon deplaning at his/her destination.  The child will not be accepted if the flight on which the child holds a reservation is expected to terminate short of or by-pass his/her destination.

Children from 15 – 17 years old are accepted without restrictions.

Children 2 years and under:  For one child less than 2 years of age, accompanied by an adult fare-paying passenger, and not occupying a seat, there is no charge.  Each additional child less than 2 years old accompanied by the same passenger who is traveling with the first child less than 2 years old will be charged an adult fare on scheduled service flights.

Capacity Limitations

Island Air Express may limit the number of passengers carried on any one flight.  The number of seats available on a given flight will be determined by Island Air Express’ best judgement as to the anticipated total passenger load. Operational requirements may also limit the amount of cargo and luggage carried on board, Island Air will do its best to ensure your luggage flies with you, however there may be times when luggage will fly on a later flight.  Island Air will do its best to reunite you as quickly as possible should we not be able to accommodate all luggage and cargo.

Flight Delays

Arrival and departure times are not guaranteed.  We strive to be on time, but due to varied routings and weather, there are occasional delays.  All Island Air Express flights are conducted weather permitting.  If your flight is cancelled due to weather, you will have the choice of obtaining reserved seating on the next available scheduled flight to the same destination or obtaining a full refund for that flight.


For reasons of safety each passenger is limited to 50 lbs. of baggage. Excess baggage is subject to a charge of $.92 cents per pound per flight (roundtrips = 2 flights). Excess baggage is on a space available basis and may travel on a later flight. Identification is required on all items of baggage. Island Air Express will not be liable for damage to perishable items or fragile articles in checked or carry-on baggage. Hazardous materials & firearms must be declared at check-in.

Packing suggestions:  Use several soft –sided small bags instead of one large suitcase.  Bulky items such as large suitcases, trunks, or ice chests are difficult to load.  Single pieces of baggage weighing over 50 pounds are subject to an overweight baggage fee.

Cabin-Seat Baggage and Charges:  When a passenger requests that item/s of baggage be carried in the cabin, and Island Air Express determines that the item is acceptable as cabin baggage but is so fragile and/or bulky as to require the use of a seat, the baggage must be carried aboard the aircraft by the passenger and secured in the seat next to the passenger’s seat.  Island Air will charge 100% of the applicable adult fare.  Island Air Express will not include the cabin-seat baggage ticket in determination of free baggage allowance or excess baggage charges.

Antlers:  Antlers will not be accepted as checked baggage.  All antlers/horns must be shipped Air Cargo only.

Acceptance of Live Animals

Island Air Express will accept domestic cats, dogs, household birds, and certain other live animals for transportation, (at Island Air’s discretion) subject to the conditions below:

Advance arrangements must be made.

The animal/s must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless, and require no attention during transit.

The animal must be confined in a cage or container subject to inspection and approval by Island Air Express before acceptance and in conformance with 9CFR or IATA live animal regulations.

Environmental conditions must pose no hazard to the safety or comfort of the animal.

The passenger must make all arrangements and assume full responsibility for complying with all applicable laws, customs, and/or other governmental regulations, requirements, or restrictions of the country, state, or territory to which the animal is being transported.

If the animal is not called for within 6 hours after arrival, the animal will be placed in a local kennel at the passenger’s expense.

Hazardous Materials & Firearms

For your safety, we will not carry the following on passenger flights:  compressed gases or corrosives, such as acids and wet batteries; explosives, such as fireworks and munitions; flammables, such as gasoline, matches, and lighter fuels; poisons; magnetic and radioactive materials; and all other items restricted by government regulations.  Bear mace must be declared and transported in a container provided by Island Air Express.

Acceptance of Firearms

Shooting equipment (sporting firearms):  Firearms will be included in determining the free baggage allowance, and when in excess, each item will be subject to the excess baggage charge.

Firearms must be unloaded and packed in a manufacturer’s crush-proof type container, manufactured specifically for the firearm; or a hard case.  Baggage containing hand guns must be locked by the passenger in the presence of Island Air Express with either a key or lock combination to be retained in the passenger’s custody.  Baggage containing firearms will be transported in an area, other than the cockpit, that is inaccessible to the passenger.

Ammunition must be packed in manufacturer’s original package or securely packed in fiber, wood, or metal boxes.  Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles will not be accepted.

Liability - Baggage and Personal Property

Notice of Irregularity and Filing of Claim: An incident involving loss of, or damage to, or delay in the delivery of baggage or personal property accepted into the custody of Island Air Express must be reported in writing to an Island Air Express representative within 24 hours.  All claims for loss are subject to proof of value and must be presented in writing to Island Air Express within 45 days after occurrence of events giving rise to the claim.  No suit or legal action in connection with a claim will be allowed unless such action is brought within 2 years after Island Air Express has denied the claim in writing.

Limitations of Liability:  Maximum total liability for substantiated damages in the event of loss, physical damage, or delay in the delivery of checked baggage shall be no more than up to USD $500.00 per ticketed passenger.  This limitation shall also apply to baggage or personal property accepted for temporary storage at a city or airport ticket office or elsewhere before or after the passenger’s trip.  Island Air will compensate the passenger for all reasonable, documented expenses incurred as a result of damage to or delay in the delivery of any personal property, up to the limits of liability.

Liability limit on Game Meat:  Island Air Express will be liable for loss, but not damage or spoilage of “game meat” as checked luggage.  Game meat includes any type of meat that was obtained by the passenger by means other than purchasing in a store, for example:  fresh caught fish or meat obtained from a hunt.  Liability will be based on a flat rate of $5.00 per pound up to maximum liability of USD $500 per ticketed passenger.

Exclusions from Liability

Minor damage to luggage:  When Island Air Express has exercised ordinary standard of care, it assumes no liability for incidental damage such as scuffs, dents, stains, and cuts that result from normal wear and tear.

Damage to wheels/handles:  When Island Air Express has exercised the normal standard of care, Island Air Express shall not be liable for damage to wheels or feet, or telescoping handles that are attached to the exterior of checked baggage.  This exclusion applies whether or not the passengers sign a release form.

Fragile articles:  When Island Air Express has exercised ordinary standard of care, it shall not be liable for damage to, or damage caused by fragile articles described in the above paragraph.

Perishable articles:  Island Air Express shall not be liable for deterioration or spoilage of any perishable articles contained in checked baggage, whether with or without the knowledge of Island Air Express.

Late Check In:  If baggage is presented for checking less than fifteen (15) minutes before flight departure time, Island Air Express will not be liable for any resulting expenses, including delivery charges, resulting from baggage not being loaded on the same flight as the passenger.

Carry-on/unchecked property:  Island Air Express will not be liable for damage loss or theft of items taken on board an aircraft and remaining in the personal possession car of the passenger.  Assistance provided by flight crew members to properly store such items does not transfer liability to Island Air Express.

Unsuitable, valuable articles:  The following items are judged to be unsuitable as contents of checked baggage, and Island Air Express assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage or delay in the delivery of:

  • Cash, currency
  • Negotiable papers
  • Securities
  • Business contracts, documents
  • Jewelry, watches
  • Camera’s, videos and photographic equipment, camcorders, audio equipment, film, camera equipment, photographs
  • Electronic equipment/devices, personal electronic equipment/devices, including components such as compact discs and video game cartridges
  • Computers and related components
  • Binoculars, telescopes, optical devices including eyeglasses
  • Silverware
  • Precious metals, stones or materials
  • Art objects, sculptures
  • Historical artifacts
  • Original manuscripts
  • Irreplaceable books, publications, collectibles such as baseball cards
  • Antiques, heirlooms
  • Keys
  • Sales samples
  • Medications
  • Furs, including coats, gloves, hats
  • Game trophies, antlers, pelts

Attached items:  Island Air Express will not be liable for tents, sleeping bags, or similar articles which are strapped, taped, or tied to another piece of baggage and may become separated as a result of normal handling during transportation.

Missing contents:  Except for excluded items specified above, Island Air Express will accept liability for missing contents from checked baggage, provided the passenger has exercised reasonable precautions to externally lock or secure the baggage as protection against possible loss or separation of such contents.

Consequential damages:  Island Air Express shall not be liable for “special” or “consequential” damages such as lost wages, ground transportation, temporary lodging, unavailability of keys, and other “inconveniences” or emotional distress resulting from damaged, delayed, or lost baggage.

Unclaimed baggage:  Island Air Express will not be liable for baggage not claimed within 1 hour after baggage has been made available for claiming in a public baggage claim area.

Connecting/Missed Flights: Island Air Express is not responsible for late or missed connections to other airlines’ flights.  We will always do our best to keep you informed of any delays and/or cancellations.   However, it is your responsibility to ensure plenty of connection time between flights at our airports, especially when connecting to and from the larger hubs of Seattle and Anchorage.  Should your inbound flight to Alaska run late or cancel, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you but we can not guarantee waiver of fares or change fees.  Island Air Express strongly recommends at least 1 hour connecting time for Juneau and Ketchikan to the other airlines, if not more. 


All persons, baggage, and cargo traveling on any flight or within the confines of Island Air Express locations are subject to search at the discretion of Island Air Express.  Island Air Express has the right to refuse service to anyone if it is believed they present a threat to security.

Public Accomodations and Services:

Island Air prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities having access to Island Air facilities (Ketchikan and Klawock) and Island Air aviation services.  Island Air’s policy is to make reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities to ensure they may enter Island Air facilities and participate in Island Air aviation services.  Island Air staff must engage in a respectful interactive discussion with the disable person to find a reasonable accommodation that would enable that person to participate in the services Island Air offers the public.  The interactive process must not draw attention to the person with the disability and must assure that person can participate with the general public and not set off by themselves.  Island Air staff will assist persons with mobility and communication disabilities and must be ready to interact with these individuals in a productive manner to assure an accommodation can be offered to make their experience with Island Air enjoyable.  People who have vision, hearing and speech disabilities, use different means to communicate.  It is important that staff is able to offer these individuals with means to understand the pre-flight narrative and safety briefing, and the inflight narrative.
Island Air staff shall assist persons with mobility disabilities in the pre-flight orientation and safety briefing and engage the individual in an interactive process to find a reasonable accommodation that will enable to individual to participate in the aviation service.  Staff may only exclude a person with a mobility or other disability from participation in the company’s aviation services if that person’s participation would cause a direct threat to the health or safety of that person or others.  Staff’s assessment of risk must be made in an objective manner, not based on assumptions, generalizations or stereotypes.  In assessing whether any person’s participation would cause a direct threat to the health or safety of themselves or other staff must find that all persons, with or without disability, must meet Island Air’s Passenger Mobility Policy, which requires the following:

  • Does the person lack sufficient mobility, strength, or dexterity in both arms and hands, and both legs to enter the aircraft without mechanical or excessive assistance from company personnel?
  • Does the person lack sufficient mobility, strength, or dexterity in both arms and hands, and both legs to be able to open an exit door, pass expeditiously through the exit door in the event of an emergency?
  • Does the person lack sufficient mobility, strength, or dexterity in both arms and hands, and both legs to emerge from the exit door in the event of an emergency, without assistance, and follow a safe path away from the aircraft?

In the event staff determines a passenger does not meet the criteria of Island Air’s Passenger Mobility Policy, a Passenger Mobility Policy Denial Form must be completed and provided to the supervisor or manager.

Service Animals on Island Air Aircraft

Island Air Express will not allow service or emotional support animals onboard our aircraft unless secured in an approved kennel. The exception to this policy will be made for very small dogs that can safely be held on the passenger’s lap; an allowable safe animal size will be determined by the pilot in command.  Service animals & emotional support animals are defined by the 14 CFR Part 382, Docket No. DOT-OST-2018-0068 of the Department of Transportation. All seats on Island Air Express aircraft are aisle seats. Per FAA regulations the aisle of an aircraft is to remain unobstructed for ALL passengers to have unrestricted access to emergency exits in the event of an emergency. FAA regulations also require all objects in an aircraft to be properly secured so nothing can be tossed about the cabin during turbulence or during a crash. An unsecured animal present in the passenger seating area or aisle of an Island Air Express Cessna 208B Caravan aircraft during flight operations will cause a direct risk to the health and safety of all passengers and the pilot in the event of an emergency or turbulence. For the reasons stated, animals transported by Island Air Express aircraft shall be restrained in a self-enclosed kennel. If a service or emotional support animal owner does not possess a kennel and an Island Air Express loaner kennel is available Island Air Express will provide a kennel free of charge for transportation if space onboard the aircraft allows. The passenger must load the animal in the kennel without the assistance of Island Air staff. Whenever possible Island Air Express will position secured service animals in a location in the passenger cabin next to their owners (usually within 3’).

Refusal Transport

Island Air Express may refuse to transport, or may remove at any point, any passenger:
Government Request or Regulations:  Whenever such action is necessary to comply with any government regulation, or to comploy with any governmental request for emergency transportation I connection with the national defense, or whenever such action is necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond its control (including but without limitation, acts of god, force majeure, strikes, civil commotions, embargo’s, wars, hostilities or disturbances) actual, threatened, or reported.

Search of Passenger or Property:  Who refuses to permit search of his/her person or property for explosives or a concealed, deadly or dangerous weapon or article.

Proof of Identity:  Who refuses on request to produce positive identification.  Island Air Express shall have the right, but not be obliged, to require positive identification of persons purchasing tickets and/or presenting a ticket/s for the purpose of boarding aircraft.

Comfort and Safety:  Any passenger who fails or refuses to comply with Island Air’s rules and regulations.  In the following categories where in Island Air’s sole judgment refusal or removal may be necessary for the comfort and safety of themselves or other passengers:

  • Persons whose conduct is or has been disorderly, abusive, violent belligerent and/or irrational so as to be a hazard or potential hazard to Island Air Express’ employees or other passenger/s.
  • Persons who are barefoot or who have uncovered torsos, except the midriff, which may be uncovered.
  • Persons who are unable to sit in the seat with the seatbelt fastened.
  • Persons who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • Persons who have an offensive odor (such as from a draining wound or improper hygiene) or have a contagious disease provided it is not the result of a handicap.
  • Persons who wear or have on or about their persons concealed or unconcealed deadly or dangerous weapons; provided, however, that Island Air Express will carry passengers who meet the qualifications and conditions established in F.A.R. Part 108.15.
  • Manacled persons in custody of law enforcement personnel or persons who have resisted or may reasonably be believed to be capable of resisting escorts.
  • Persons who attempt or have attempted to interfere with any member of the flight crew in the pursuit of their duties.

Nonambulatory Passengers:  Persons who are unable to walk or need the support of another person to walk, but who are otherwise capable of caring for themselves without assistance throughout the flight and persons with impairments or physical disabilities which would cause them to require special attention or assistance from carrier personnel will be accepted for transportation without an attendant subject to the following conditions:

The passenger must be able to occupy a cabin seat in an upright position.

Island Air Express will provide or make whatever arrangements are necessary to assist passengers in boarding and deplaning.

Any expense necessary for outside services will be borne by the passenger.

Stretcher Passengers:  Island Air Express will transport stretcher passengers by charter only. A seat removal/ install fee of $150 will be applied in addition to the charter cost.


Standard Fare tickets are non-refundable and may be used for travel for up to one year from date of purchase.  Roundtrip fares may be subject to additional fees if partial itinerary is cancelled.

Flex Fare tickets are fully refundable up to one year from date of purchase

Privacy Policy

Island Air Express is concerned about your right to privacy.  When you purchase a service with us, we request certain personally identifiable information from you during the purchase process.  You must provide contact information (such as name, phone number, email, and mailing address) and financial information (such as credit card number and expiration date) in order to complete a purchase.  We utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect the submission of your personal information.  This technology provides a certain level of protection when transmitting your credit card numbers and other personal information over the internet.  All personally identifiable information collected via our website is encrypted before it is transmitted to our storage servers using SSL.  Except as allowed or required by law, Island Air Express will not share any personal or private information with anyone outside of Island Air Express.

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